Sunday, 8 May 2016

Help postgraduate art research create eye-catching visual aids and wearable art to protect our water catchments.

The environment movement and communities everywhere have achieved so much by fighting to protect our farmland, forests, Indigenous sacred sites and water supply from the impacts of mining and coal seam gas. But there is still more to be done educating decision makers and the general public about water security. We not only need brave activists at front line blockades but also volunteers spreading the message outside corporate headquarters and state planning departments. 

As a volunteer photographer for environment groups including Stop CSG Sydney I have noticed the need to improve our visual communication. This is because most of our placards, clothing and banners are based on words rather than imagery making it harder to attract public attention particularly at water protests. My postgraduate art research at Sydney University aims to address this by developing more effective visual aids for water activists. In the photograph above taken outside the NSW Department of Planning you can see a printed T-shirt of an endangered wetland which I provided. I have been testing different sized water photographs and props at public protests. The impact of different visual aids on visibility and interest for passing traffic can be seen below.

Now I want to test this on a larger scale in situ exploring the use of compelling water imagery in banners, placards, props, clothing, posters, stickers and art interventions for water sustainability. I need to print a small test run of clothing and fabric to trial at public protests. If successful I hope to eventually manufacture a range of subsidised activist clothing printed with water and using economies of scale. I can envisage a literal 'sea' of people or 'river' of protestors that could be seen a block away and create a strong impression on the public of the need for water sustainability. 

Outside blood money Citibank in Sydney CBD I Stand with Standing Rock together with Gomeroi anti CSG in the Pilliga  warrior Jacky Cain. More info here
But for now I have to rely on print on demand online suppliers and I am turning up to water conservation actions as a solo water clothed activist. I'm looking forward to more and more people joining these campaigns for water sustainability. Environmental groups will be able to mix and match clothing mixing their own outfits eg yellow and black Tshirts with other water printed clothing say pants or bag. I will also be developing visual aids or agit props using water imagery for public demonstrations and art interventions. In the meantime I am trying out my designs using some online suppliers mentioned further below.

At the #Water4Life Highway Action at Princes Highway Tempe organised by Lock the Gate

 wearable art to buy online
Casual clothing printed with my water imagery can be bought online at different  american print on demand websites - just hover over the links and click. Or else for an australian website check below.

at an american websiteWomen's leggings large or smallerwomen's shift dress, skirt or unisex designer T shirts large or smaller sized, yoga pants, beach kimonojacketstank top, bags, sweaters.

Outside Santos AGM in Sydney

Or buy my designs from a great value Australian online website here.
Rock pool T-shirt

water droplets T-shirt here
and below water drops leggings and chiffon top 

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This is wearable art to raise awareness of water sustainability so if you buy these clothes for casual wear and want to change your wardrobe the following season just donate them to water4life or other water quality activists or contact to arrange pick up and I will bring them along to protests for other activists to use.

PS I have joined the campaign to Let Sydney College of the Arts stay at its current heritage site in Balmain and have created clothing which embodies the spirit of our campus. I am seen below wearing a printed T-shirt with a photograph of vibrant light entering my endangered studio window and in the other image below wearing window print pants  at the rally to save Sydney College of the Arts.

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